You need to cover your ac unit, air conditioning condenser with the best plywood for the winter. Don’t wrap it with the plastic, it will certainly rust.

Many householders are tempted to wrap their air conditioner condensers (the skin unit) to guard them over the winter. However wrapping an A/C condenser is rarely a good suggestion. Metal rusts, and moist metal rusts much more. Even when wrapped tightly, your condenser is not hermetic. So moisture will get trapped underneath your tarp and condenses on the within of the unit. The moisture in your neighbor’s condenser is free to evaporate.Masking an A/C condenser additionally encourages rodents to maneuver the household into new digs the place they’re protected against the weather. As soon as they’re settled in, they’re going to gnaw on the compressor wiring and insulation. Come spring, you will have a pungent cleanup, a rusty A/C condenser and a hefty invoice for rewiring.If you wish to shield the unit from falling icicles, simply place a bit of plywood over the fan guard and weight it down with bricks. If you wish to shield the steel and maintain it trying good, give your condenser a coat of automotive wax earlier than the snow flies.

Required Supplies for this Venture

Keep away from last-minute purchasing journeys by having all of your supplies prepared forward of time. Here is an inventory.

  • Plywood
  • Bricks